Business Setup

Unveiling the Foundations for Success:
Ace Handyman Services' Blueprint for
Growth, Opportunity, & Integrity.

Core Values

Core Values

In 1998, we recognized the need for a
values-driven approach
in the home
improvement industry. Our mission is
provide value, serve people, and
solve problems
with integrity
and trust.

Seizing the Opportunity

Seizing the Opportunity

Now is the perfect time to embark on this
journey, benefitting
from Ace Hardware's
robust backing and the growing
demand for
professional handyman services. Join us
and become a part of a
trusted community.

Functional Scalability

Functional Scalability

This time tested model fosters growth,
freeing up funds for
local market
development. Our support systems enable

owners to focus strategically, emphasizing
building the
business rather than
handling day-to-day tasks.

Time to Build Your Ace Handyman Legacy

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Where Simplified Setups - Drive Success

Explore how our streamlined process
to start their
own Ace Handyman Services confidently


We acknowledge the difficulty of hiring. Our always-on
system spans hundreds of job boards such as
Indeed, Glass Door, and
CareerBuilder, helping owners
attract motivated candidates seeking
a respected and
rewarding organization. Our top-performing owners
enthusiastically, defining values, roles, and responsibilities

while understanding the link between customer
service and
employee performance.

Benefit from our two decades of experience with streamlined
held once a month in Denver, CO. A preparatory
program ensures
you're ready to maximize learning. In
addition to training you, we
provide training for your Office
Manager on the software, phone
scripts, and scheduling.
We invest in you AND your TEAM to ensure
you are
well-prepared to start and run your business.


Whether you live in a busy urban market, a quiet suburb,
or even a
rural town, the demand for home and business
projects is rising.
Our residential clients, representing
various economic backgrounds,
are frequently pressed
for time. Additionally, as baby boomers age
and require
assistance with home improvement tasks, the demand
maintenance services is expanding. Moreover, tapping
into the
commercial sector offers extensive opportunities
to support local
businesses, ranging from eateries to
medical practices, real estate
agencies, and beyond,
with the demand showing no signs

of slowing down.

We provide a customizable marketing plan and budget,
with strategy, messaging, and tactics from
one month before opening
through your first year. Our
comprehensive startup kit includes a
grand opening plan,
tested ads for all mediums, automated email
monthly consumer newsletters, and on-demand

marketing collateral. Ace Handyman Services
support enhances
your marketing efforts.


After returning home from Denver, you'll have the tools to
tackle any
remaining tasks and prepare for your first
week of live business. Our
on-site support at your office is
tailored to aid you in your role while
offering real-time
assistance to your Office Manager as calls begin

to come in and Craftsmen start servicing new
homes and businesses.