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Crafting Success:
Stories from
Ace Handyman Services Owners,
Craftsmen and our Founders

Learn from our owners themselves
as they share their stories, insights,

and experiences that have shaped
the very essence of our brand.


"I recognized Ace Handyman Services addressed a crucial need and wanted to contribute. Their leadership embodies servant leadership, committed to everyone's success. It's a genuine team dedicated to making a difference."

Rebecca S.
North Indianapolis, IN.


"Following Ace Handyman Services' proven method, I'm on the path to profitability while making customers happy."

Beth Y.
Minnetonka, MN.


"I have been with the Handyman Matters/Ace Handyman Services Franchise since 2004. When my father was looking into franchises, he was impressed by the core group of people on the corporate team and the family atmosphere. It was a value match then and remains one to this day"

Erin W.
Harrisburg, PA.

Glenn & Lauren B.

"My military experience and construction knowledge, combined with Lauren's compassionate nursing expertise, aligned perfectly with Ace's values of dedication, expertise, and community service."

Glenn & Lauren B.
Northern Colorado, CO.


"Through the brand's support &
my background in leadership and
sales, I found profitability in my
franchise right away, even while
juggling the responsibilities of
being a mother to two
wonderful children."

Alicia T.
Acworth, GA.


"One of the hardest things to get
your head wrapped around is how
lucrative the handyman lane is.
The margins are solid, and the
Services Path guarantees
high satisfaction."

Richard C.
Pensacola, FL.


"We get to know our customers
really well because we do good
quality work, treat them right,
and give them the same level
of service that they've come
to expect from Ace Hardware."

Cole G.
Nashville, TN.


"Following challenges with large
corporations claiming to be
'veteran' friendly, Ace Handyman
Services offered a different
experience. There's a family
atmosphere here, 'I never felt
pushed in; instead, I felt
like I belonged."

John H.
Crystal Coast, NC.


"With Paul's 30 years of corporate
leadership and DIY experience,
coupled with my background in
finance and marketing, we bring a
unique blend of skills to the table.
Ace Handyman Services provides
the perfect platform for us to
apply our skills and passion for
quality craftsmanship while
serving our community."

Paul & Ann M.
Bloomfield, MI.

Artem Lopatenchenko & Dan Giacomazzi

"The Ace name and support have been instrumental in opening doors for us. As owners, we have full control over our destiny and the potential for future growth."

Artem L. & Dan G.
Greater Triangle and
Johnson County, NC.


"Corporates' continuous acknowledgment of the sacrifices military families make and the unique perspective that veterans bring to Ace Handyman Services makes me proud to be a member of the AHS team!"

Chris L.
Woodbridge, VA.


"Having 20 years of public service in the Army, the servant heart that I encountered throughout the organization resonated with me."

Phil S.
Millersville, MD.

Joni And Todd

"After discussing our ideal future, we agreed on wanting more freedom and control of our time. We wanted to create something that aligned with our interests, operated according to our values and made us proud. Ace Handyman Services was the perfect fit."

Joni & Todd C.
Beaumont, TX.

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Craftsmen Bringing Ace Handyman
Services' Vision to Life

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Craftsmen Bringing Ace Handyman
Services' Vision to Life

Get Started

From Integrity Springs Success: The Story of Ace Handyman Services

owner owner

From Conversation to Creation:

Ace Handyman Services started its journey with a commitment to
trustworthiness, ignited by the home improvement industry's lack of
ethics and a pivotal conversation. Andy Bell's words, "You know what,
it's time. If I have to spend the rest of my life in a cubicle doing the same
things over and over and over to make somebody else richer, I just don't
think I can do this. I want to start my own business, but I also want to
create something that serves me instead of me serving it." signaled a
desire for change. Colette and Andy Bell, the driving force behind our
brand, then set out on a mission to revolutionize the industry,
one promise at a time.


A Dream Takes Shape

In 1997 the first Ace Handyman Services office was born in the
basement of the Bell's Denver home. From there the core ethos of
the brand was born “We show up on time, looking and behaving in
a courteous, professional manner, communicating clearly with our
customers about every aspect of the job, and leaving the area cleaner
than before we arrived.” The results we're immediate- and overwhelmingly
positive. They further proved the durability of the concept by testing
it in California with three additional locations. The success there led
to the decision to franchise the concept.

Ace Handyman Services
Legacy of Innovation and Integrity owner

A Legacy of Innovation and Integrity

Today, Ace Handyman Services stands as a testament to Colette and
Andy's dream - a trusted name known for its quality, reliability, and
outstanding service. Their legacy lives on in every completed project,
every kept promise, and every satisfied homeowner.