Running Your Business

Running Your Business

Service Path

The key to our 4.85-Star rating, nationwide.

The expectations and demands of consumers are increasing. To meet those expectations consistently, we have created what we call our Service Path. This is an 8-step process starting from the first call to the eleventh month warranty call that every single customer experiences, no matter the size of their job. It goes beyond delighting customers, and establishes lasting relationships that lead to referrals and repeat business.

But it wasn’t enough to just create this; we also built systems around teaching the Service Path to owners, TEAM Coordinators and Craftsmen to ensure everyone understands their role in the path and upholds their responsibilities. Our Service Path is truly a TEAM effort, and our software supports each step of the process along the way to promote consistency.

You’ll love the simplicity of the steps of our process, and how we execute on delivering delight to every customer we work for, before and after the actual project is completed.

Marketing Support

Marketing is an ongoing effort, and we provide ongoing support well after your Grand Opening and first-year plan have been executed. We are always investigating new vertical opportunities that we test and prove through our Support Center before we roll them out. We provide monthly updates on newly available programs and supply quarterly marketing calendars for owners to use. It’s up to you to decide which programs to use, or we can also customize marketing plans to fit your business needs.

The support and family atmosphere in the franchise has helped us through each stage of our business and helped us grow to be a respected service business in our community serving nearly 1000 of our neighbors a year.

Paul Hammer

Columbus, OH

Day in the Life of a Franchisee

Our business is really defined by three main roles or positions in the company: General Manager (franchise owner initially), TEAM Coordinator and Craftspeople.

The General Manager’s role has three main focus areas.

First, : hire, train, mentor and inspire your employees. The TEAM Coordinator and the Craftspeople who work in your business are your employees. Together you will establish the culture of your organization to fit your business vision.

Second, be a fiscal manager of your business. As an independently owned business, we provide the resources, tools, training and support, but the profitable running of your business will always be your responsibility.

And finally: networking and integration with your community is a main priority. Getting out to attend meetings, being a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, speaking in your community, meeting with commercial businesses, joining the local Rotary – all of those tasks will help you build a community-based business that is respected and prestigious.

The TEAM Coordinator is the customer service office person who handles the phones and the day-to-day office operations (Monday through Friday, 8-5). This allows you the flexibility to be out of the office doing the aforementioned business-building tasks. Your TEAM Coordinators are excellent at customer service, good listeners, handle busy incoming phone volumes, and enjoy figuring out the best way to maximize the Craftspeople and their talents with the customers’ needs. Best of all, thanks to our estimating software, they don’t need construction experience, just a smile when they answer the phone.

Your talented and professional Craftsman will come from all walks of life. Most of them will have been in the trades their entire life, and are looking for a reliable “home” where they can be appreciated for their talents and trade craft, provided a flexible and constantly changing work environment, and be allowed to flourish as a self-motivated and self-managed part of the TEAM.


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